Rendering your sound in any colour you like!

cm records sound studios has been recording sound since 2007.
We provide and produce sound (with presenters, announcers, actors, sound and music) for a wide range of different projects – from audio-jingles and advertising clips, through to dubbing computer games, writing music, and creating audio content for interactive computer apps.
Our accomplished portfolio is the result of our excellent recording studios, wide experience, and the best voices in the business. Most of our clients are creative studios, advertising agencies, PR companies and production studios.
Apart from providing quality recordings in Russian, our studio is particularly well-known for sound work in foreign languages, and for re-recording of foreign-language content. We have professional editors, translators, presenters, announcers, and actors on hand, who are all native speakers of world languages – including even some of the most exotic.
We have technical solutions available for almost every kind of project – which is why major agencies and corporations choose us, along with smaller creative companies, and individual clients. Our sole concern is that your project comes out exactly the way you want it.
We enjoy showing our studio facilities to clients – and we can talk through your ideas or queries over a cup of tea at our premises.

Drop us a line, or give us a call for an appointment or to discuss your next creative idea!

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cm records