Antonik Vladimir

A fantastic voice-over artiste. His voice is heard almost every day in adverts, in TV-show soundtracks, and most of all, in movie dubbing. Listeners will know Vladimir as the Russian voice of Sylvester Stallone, Richard Gere, Ralph Fiennes, Jean Reno, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and many more.

Afanasjev Anton

A professional cinema and theatre actor. His incisive and vibrant delivery is ideal for official presentations, and also in dramatised dubbing.

Bgavin Denis

An established voice in professional advertising and television work. His voice is associated with a many top-end brands. Denis is also very busy in the world of voicing computer games.

Bordukov Alexander

Alexander is an accomplished voice-over master, usually to be heard in computer games and animation – where his unique voice and extensive characterisation abilities come to the fore. Extensive voice-over experience in cinema, computer games and audio books.

Bokhon Victor

The most well-known major brands and corporations choose Viktor Bokhon’s voice for their advertisement and audio material – including MTS, Gazprom, and many others.

Brezhnev Yuri

Yuri’s extremely popular voice is heard every day in advertisements for a wide range of the most widely-featured brands, setting the benchmark for commercial voice-over work. Yuri’s voice is also to be heard in dubbing soundtracks and a wide range of acting work.

Vinogradov Diomid

This extremely experienced voice performer works in every possible genre – from official announcements and documentaries through to the most madcap cartoon and game characters. Although most often heard in dubbing work, he’s equally at home recording adverts.

Georgiu Mikhail

Mihail’s powerful, deep voice finds its perfect use in many genres – from advertising clips through to cartoon characters and movie trailers.

Derkach Yuri

The velvet-toned voice of this performer always produce the right effect. Although Yuri is well-known for his work in advertising, he is equally active in film and television dubbing.

Evstratov Dmitri

Dmitry’s famous bass tones bring a special effect to any project he works on. His work includes film and television, advertising clips, and many voices for computer games.

Klimushkin Stanislav

Stanislav is a professional voice talent, with huge experience of working on the radio, TV series, feature films and virtually anything that needs voice recordings. This excellent voice is constantly chosen for the most famous brands and products.

Kopp Vladislav

The famous voice artiste, Vladislav is an established professional with a strong and imposing timbre. We often hear his charismatic voice in advertising, off-camera, dubbing and computer games.

Kretov Artyom

His perfect diction, remarkable timbre and consummate professionalism mark his work out from the ordinary. It all makes Artyom one of the most requested voices behind highly-respected brands and established corporations.

Kuznetsov Vsevolod

A true master of Russian voice work, as well as being a director and an actor well-known for many films and advertising campaigns. His voice can truly be called legendary – and is available for your projects!

Mukhametzianov Radik

The resonant and authoritative tones of this performer bring a gravitas and dignity to official presentations, voice-overs of special events, factual and documentary material. His portfolio includes dozens of television series, bestseller series, film dubbing, advertising and audio books.

Nabokov Vladimir

Vladimir is a professional radio presenter with huge experience of recording all kinds of material – from advertising and presentations to voice-off-camera work and dubbing. His engaging tone and energetic presentation are distinctive aspects of his work.

Nazarov Dmitri

Dmitry is a well-known theatrical and movie actor a star of many popular TV shows and series. His exceptional ability to work in almost any genre, and his distinctive voice place his work in an elite category in voice recording industry.

Polischuk Seva

This is a young and exciting voice which has quickly been taken up by the likes of Coca-Cola, Tuborg, Miller, Beeline, and similar brands.

Polyanovski Dmitri

As a seasoned pro of the voice-over industry, Dmitry can be found voicing-over films, as well as creating character voices for computer games and cartoon characters.

Prozorovski Nikita

Nikita has immense experience in movie dubbing – including dozens of films, computer games, and all other genres of voice work. The official Russian voice of Gary Oldman and Scooby-Doo, he also provides the voices of cartoon super-heroes, villains, and even parrots – as well as appearing in huge numbers of television series, and the official voice of the Discovery and NTV+ channels.

Pudan Pavel

Pavel’s fresh and energetic voice is frequently heard in advertising. Despite his youth, Pavel has quickly become an established voice behind major brands.

Rakhlenko Alexander

Alexander is a skilled dubbing performer, artiste, and also a dubbing producer himself. He features as the voice of Mel Gibson, Jason Statham, Nicholas Cage, Hugh Jackman, and many others. Alexander works extensively in advertising, as well as in voicing films.

Stroganov Yaroslav

This bright and sparky voice has been picked up and used in numerous youth-oriented TV shows, as well as advertising pitched at younger markets. He makes a great choice if you want your project to stand out amongst others!

Tikhonov Mikhail

Mikhail is a dubbing producer and top-end voice artiste, with dozens of films to his credit. He is a skilled professional with vast experience in many different genres – from children’s fairytales through to corporate presentations.

Chichkov Dmitri

A seasoned voice-over performer specialising in voicing television serials. He makes a great choice for computer games projects, as well as for documentary material and announcements.

Chonishvili Sergey

Sergey is truly the ‘golden’ voice of the modern voice-over industry – unique and inimitable. He is a State-Honoured Artiste of the RF.
His work is in constant demand in movies and television series, along with countless feature movies and documentaries. His voice is to be heard in advertising, and in many different presenter roles.

Sharonov Alexander

Alexander is a professional voice artiste with colossal experience on TV, radio, and in television films. His attractive and distinctive timbre, along with his beautiful speech keep his voice in demand for a huge variety of different kinds of project.