Albova Maria

This is an astonishing voice, which is equally at home in advertising, voice-off-camera work, or in dramatised film dubbing. Maria is not only a voice-over performer, but also a professional vocalist.

Gankova Olga

Olga has a completely remarkable voice. Her mellow velvety mezzo-soprano combined with her perfect diction places her recorded work in a class of its own. Whether for advertising, audio guides, or even phone-system announcements, the result is always great!

Zubkova Olga

Olga’s is one of the top voices in the voice-over industry today. She is equally happy working in advertising and in dubbing. She is the voice of Angelina Jolie, Susan Sarandon, and a host of other Hollywood stars!

Kireeva Irina

Irina’s deep, clear voice and superb professionalism make her one of the most sought-after voices in the industry. She works in advertising, dubbing, provides voices for computer games, IVR, and almost every genre in the business!

Kischik Elena

One of the most popular voices, equally at home in advertisement and in voice acting. She is the voice behind many famous Hollywood stars, Disney fairies and cartoon characters.

Nigmetzianova Luisa

With a voice well-known in advertising, Luisa is the house voice of Love Radio, pairing a serious depth with a fascinating femininity. Hers is a natural-sounding voice which turns any project she works on into a success – whether it’s an advert, or a video voice-over.

Novozhilova Julia

As a professional radio presenter, Julia has a lively and clear voice that’s overflowing with enthusiasm and positive emotions! Any project with her voice comes out perfectly!

Solovyova Elena

Elena’s voice is one of those in most demand in the advertising industry – it’s a voice you will hear every day advertising different goods and brands. You could truthfully call her voice the gold-standard of the advertising sound industry.

Suleimanova Arzu

Arzu’s exceptional ability to combine all the subtle nuances of a text and character with her professional voice production and intonation keeps her work in constant demand in the advertising industry.

Trishina Taisya

Her young, fresh voice with its distinct articulation has almost no rivals! Taisya usually works in the computer games market and in dubbing, but she is also an excellent choice for adverts and for all kinds of documentary work.

Shaulina Ludmila

Ludmila is a professional radio presenter with years of experience on air – she works in voice-off-camera work, dubbing, audio guides, audio books, and all with amazing professionalism! She can currently be heard broadcasting on Business-FM.

Shulman Elena

Elena is a well-known voice artist with huge experience. Her voice covers a wide range of genres and styles – from advertising and corporate presentations through to imitating children’s voice and fairytale characters.